Wolves bow down to her


Moon dance in her eyes



Under the ashes
Burning and alive
In a saddened heart
Prickling like a thorn
Is it NIGHT or a DEMON..??
With abhorrence
And temptation
In the flames of
Drop by drop
Dissolving and running
In veins
Like a deadly poison
In a rusty ruin
As the sign of
Dread and fright
Cold as the gleaming sword
In the hands of assassin
Is it NIGHT or a DEMON..??
Swallowing men
Like an accidental death
Free from senses
From the origin of spirits
Till the judgment…
Is it NIGHT or a DEMON..??

Deep Hearts 

I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while. But once you get to know whats inside, you no longer afraid of falling in deep and once you get hit by stones inside the ‘Well’.. You start yelling and blaming the ‘Well’ for the stones that it kept inside… Forgetting that its you the one who choose to fall in deep .. And this is the point where you need to understand that ‘Well’ just let you get in to pick up the thrown stones..

Tomorrow will never come


We all are living in a dream, but life ain’t what it seems-Imagine Dragons

We dream about what we wanted to do for ourselves, we dream to live a better life, we dream to do well at school, we dream.
But how many of us start to work on it, making dreams come true? I guess very few…
If you want to start a business, go for it; if you want to learn new skills, go for it. Read more

Her Dream


She sits by the window every night staring at the moon, the stars are just the blue, gathering in her mind all the little pieces of dreams she’ve been dreaming about the whole day long. She is a day dreamer ! It is obvious in her dreamy eyes that seems like a deep sea where you can get drown easily, but she always seems to be looking at something distant; absent-minded ! The stars are there but maybe she is not oblivious to it, the moon is Read more